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Your Best OEM/ODM Partner in China

As the increased competition of jewelry industry, It requires greater personality and originality for jewelry brands.
While the global market creates demand for well-designed, high value-added and innovative products,
The changes in economy and technology need flexible produce solutions in competitive price.
In fact, ODM shall provide customers with original design and premium services customers want but yet not think.
Teemtry’s solutions are playing a major role in helping companies both large and small to achieve that goal.
The Private Label program is a unique service where we work together with our customers to develop a branded jewelry collection,
where the brand IP for the collection rests with the customer.
We offer our clients a complete end-to-end solution which includes developing overall positioning,annual series,styled elements of the product, point-of-sale material as well as the marketing and advertising strategy.
The entire process works as an equal partnership, with the customers' inputs and requirements driving the strategy.
Currently our business are nearly 30% OEM / ODM to serve our customers.
We have the capacity to develop new designing and tooling based on customer‘s needs.
We help our customers in different channels such as jewelry and handbag Brands, Retailers, Distributors
to increase their sales and improve their margins with flawless delivery of the ordered products.
Our choice of business partnership, are not primarily based on order quantity
but also in terms of shared visions, business value, long term growth and profitability for both parties.
We help actualize our customer’s vision and bring their concepts into reality.

OEM/ODM Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Need OEM/ODM
You have own brand & design, this helps you avoid hardly
competition from market common products. The life of products are short but a brand's life can last for tens of year or more.
TEEMTRY&CO promises our OEM/ODM solution will helps reduce 30% cost or more.

2. Which Kinds Of Products Can TEEMTRY&CO Do
TEEMTRY&CO can do most of products listed on our website, in
one words, all jewelry and accessories: Rings,necklaces,pendants
bracelets,bangles,earrings,brooches,keychains,hair accessories,
watches,handbags etc.

3. Is There Any QTY MOQ Requirement
Yes, TEEMTRY&CO has MOQ requirement, 120pcs -200pcs at least
for every OEM/ODM projects.

4. I Can’t Meet MOQ, But I Do Want My Own Brand If you want test
the market and not sure if can sell off 120pcs at beginning. You
only need pay 50% deposit to TEEMTRY&CO,then  take the products by agreed times or batchs.Like in 2 months  according to your
sales status.

5. How Long Will It Takes
TEEMTRY&CO finishs OEM/ODM projects evaluation in one weeks, and let you know the feasibility.  If both can reach a agreement, we need take 4~5 weeks month to complete, from design, sample and mass production.

6. Do I Have To Pay The Tooling Cost
If no need high cost tooling cost and stock, and based on our jewelry
items, or order over 500Pcs, you don't have to pay the tooling cost. If
need, it will be paid for US$200.

7. What Information I Should Provide
Product specification, product picture, similar products website links,
products sample and BOM List if you have.

8. How About Quality Control
Our Quality Control team ensures that nothing gets put in stock which is not of the highest quality standards. CBC follow up all processes from imcoming material to completed products.

9. Can You Apply Test Certificates of Metal Component etc
We can apply Test Certificates of Metal Component etc for you. If the
quantities of measured products, you will cover cost rises themselves.

10. TEEMTRY&CO Not/Stop Service Conditions
TEEMTRY&CO will not offer OEM/ODM for
a. Market common products, our evaluation feasibility is low.No profit or no opportunities in future.
b. Product needs huge investment but takes long time to withdrawal of funds from circulation .
c. Price is not stable like flash
d. Product marked brands with Famous logo like " Dior, Cartier " etc.
e. One time business

The Making Process:

jewelry making process

1. Ideation

Send your concept drawings and reference materials to us. we will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.

jewelry design service in China

2. Materials

For the perfect design, material suppliers will provide you with the raw materials and components of your end product.

Guaranteed material for high end fashion jewelry

3. Sample-Making

Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes in order to check and confirm.

Make jewelry sample for your idea in China factory

4. Tooling

Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.

jewelry mould in China

5. Production

Our factory will mass produce and pack your designs in order to enter into the market quickly.

bulk produce jewelry in China factory

Design Your Own Unique Jewelry Items Now!
1.Contact info:
First Name
Last Name
Phone NO.
2.Post Custom Jewelry Inquiry:

VR & Quotation lead time: 3~5 business days.

Send us detail information about your design, we'll work with you to create a virtual reality(VR)image of your design. Please ensure that the final VR image of your product meets your requirements.

Sample lead time: 1~2 weeks.

A Mold fee of $200 need to be pay in advance, in order to manufacture your sample. if your order quantity is above 500 pieces, the mold fee of $200 will be return via credit in your deposit.

Prodcution lead time: 3~5 weeks.

Our minimum order quantity is 60 pieces at least for every OEM/ODM projects, after approving the sample, 30% deposit on an order amount required to be paid while the order placed. 

  • eva xiao Australia
    It was easy to find the item I needed on the website, and delivery was handled very quickly. Nothing better than an easy online purchase!
    25 Jul
  • liao xiangsheng China
    Have cooperated with Teemtry more than 3 years. The price is reasonable, they have a rich product line with high quality. Teemtry is a reliable supplier !
    17 Jun
  • Kerry Matthews Australia
    Teemtry customize jewelry service is an excellent idea. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to make personalized jewelry for my customers. I hope there will be more customize styles in the future.
    01 Jan
  • Jocelyn Jameson United States
    We have received the goods,quality is good, they arrange shippment fast and their staffs are very patient. Hope to have a long-term cooperation!
    01 Jan
  • Teri Canada
    I'm so excited! I came across your site and I was thrilled to see your gorgeous designs. I was looking for some rings and your rings are exactly what I had in mind; in fact, they’re even better. And I just wanted to say thank you for my rings. They look beautiful! They look even better in person than in the photos. When I took them out and saw them I said, "Praise the Lord!" Hehe. That's how beautiful they are.
    01 Jan
  • Sophia Belize
    I always stock up on Teemtry's classic jewelry line for the holiday season. They're most popular among my female customers, especially at the end of the year when everyone is out trying to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family.
    01 Jan
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