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Purchasing Office

Sourcing in China

China possesses one of the most dynamic economies in the world.
Many companies, enticed by the opportunities offered (not only cost-related ones) have decided to source from this market.
By now, it is more clear to us in the world that “Made in China” are not just a passing choice,
it has become an inevitable choice to cope with the crisis of economy.
However, In China’s social, cultural, and legal context,
so different from Western ones, creating and managing a supply flow from China is still not easy.

Save Time and Save Moeny

Teemtry Ltd is not only a professional enterprise of manufacturing and trading,
but also we would like to help you in the fashion jewelry and accessories field.
We started the International Purchasing Office(IPO) with a singular mission,
to help our partner find better products and better suppliers in services from China.
In today's fierce market, we hope that by sourcing from China,
you can reduce your purchasing costs, even promote and expand your business greatly.

We are glad to assist you in the selection of the proper products and smart price to meet your requirements,
and we will working as your team, no investment!

*If you have many existing suppliers and business in China, but you are tired in organizing and managing them.
*If you are lack of souring in China and don’t know how to buy from China.
*If you want to purchase various products in small quantity and bind different items in one shipment.
*If yes, please inform us of what you want to order, we will work with you as your purchasing team in China.


*If you have the purchasing requisition, please contact us:
E-mail :[email protected]
Phone : 0086-20-81670157


sourcing in China